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Bucegi Mountains Trips

What about our Bucegi Mountains Trips?

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Romania and you’re a nature lover, read this. You might find some useful information regarding a beautiful place to visit around here. We offer Bucegi Mountains Trips with professionally trained local guides. You can either travel by yourself or bring some friends. All the trips are private, which means that only your group will participate. Why Bucegi Mountains Trips? Well, to simply put it, the mountains themselves are a delight to look at. The mountains have over 15 peaks that exceed 2000 meters. The highest one is the ”Omu” Peak, with an altitude of 2505 meters. Still not convinced? There’s more to it.

The Devil Mill Waterfall, a pit stop in the Bucegi Mountains Trips

Bucegi Mountains TripsThe Bucegi Mountains Trips will take you to the Devil Mill Waterfall and the Monument built in the memory of an Israeli crew. This particular trail is extremely beautiful, filled with so many wonderful things to see. We might see a little cat or a dog here and there. This area is also home of a few local farms. If you’re willing to join us in the summertime, you’ll most likely spot some cows, sheep and donkeys, too. Nature is simply the gift that keeps giving.

Ready to go home? Not so fast!

If by now you think you’ve seen everything, there’s actually more to it. The is an approximate 1400 elevation height. The difficulty is medium, so make sure to take your equipment with you. It’s probably a good idea to bring the kids with you only if they are used to a few hours length of hiking. Also, it’s not recommended to join if you a first time hiker. We have other suitable trips and hikes for this level. However, the Bucegi Mountains Trips are not to be missed if you’re a hiking enthusiast and a nature lover. Our local professional guides will make sure you don’t get lost on your way. And, if you’re afraid we might run into a bear, rest assured: the mighty animals usually avoid the paths travelled by people. As long as we don’t leave food behind. Then, they might come back and seek more food 🙂

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